C64C Refurbishment

The latest addition to my collection is a very nice C64. I bought it off eBay from a charity (which I normally find is a great source of high-quality retro computers) and it is in excellent condition – out of the box it looked mint. It also included the original box and power supply.

Mint C64

There had to be something wrong with it…

Using my good power supply I tentatively plugged it in and turned it on….. nothing…. 🙁 Oh well, it was a little too good to be true.

In my normal, ever hopeful style, I kept trying the power button; and after about a minute it suddenly burst into life and worked perfectly. I tried a few more times with no issues.

Roll forward a few days, and the next time I tried to turn it on – the same scenario. It failed for the first minute or so, then burst into life. I’ve seen a problem like this before on an Atari 2600 – in that case it turned out to be the main capacitor being well out of spec. With nothing else to go on, I decided to recap the board before doing anything else.

Main power capacitor

With the board recapped it booted the first time – that was lucky. Time for a general cleaning before playing some games. The only thing it needed was a wipe down and the keys cleaned.

Working recapped board
Keys being cleaned

With the keys cleaned and everything put back together it looks great.

C64C refurbishment
C64C in all its glory