Atari 2600 Jnr #2 (pt4 – key membrane)

If you have followed the previous three posts then you will know that I have been cleaning and fixing an Atari 2600 Jnr. The final step is to fix the select and reset buttons – the mini-keyboard membrane seems to have failed.

Failed button membrane

After looking around the internet the easiest fix appeared to be to replace the membrane with individual buttons. After some trial and error, I found that SMD surface mount buttons were perfect.

SMD Surface mount buttons

It was then a simple matter to run patch wires to the mainboard.

Patch wires for SMD buttons

It was then just a case of putting the console back together for some testing….

Finally finished

All done – not as clean as my other Atari 2600 Jnr but fully working – lets call this one my daily driver 😉