Sinclair Oxford 200 (1975)

The latest addition to my Sinclair collection is a Sinclair Oxford 200 v1 from 1975. It wasn’t in too bad condition when it arrived.

Sinclair Oxford 200 Calculator
Oxford Sinclair 200 Claculator

After trying a few sums it seemed to work…. most of the time. The display was flickering quite frequently so some investigation was required. I started by replacing the capacitor as this had helped my Sinclair Cambridge with a similar problem, this didn’t talk long and helped a little. While I was changing the capacitors I noticed that the connection between the motherboard and display was very fragile bare copper wires.

Screen connection

As soon as I moved the display the copper connections started to break. I decided that they needed to be replaced.

Replacing screen connections

It was a little fiddly but soon done.

New screen connections

After reassembly the screen was nice and stable, no more flickering – that was obviously the problem.

Refurbishment completed